SS20 – To Live is to Dance

Rhythmical movements, soft brushstrokes and intricate shape formation. These elements became the building blocks of our Spring / Summer 20 collection.

With a mixture of fluid, airy silhouettes, sheer fabrics with frothy ruffles, colour blocked fringe dresses and bold prints, this collection aims to capture the essence of summer both in colour and mood.

Always staying true to the brand’s identity of glamour and elegance, timeless pieces that can be worn from day to night and to a variety of
occasions were created and meticulously crafted.

Our Spring / Summer collection puts a lot of emphasis on custom-made prints uniquely created by CHÁRIS either through hand painting techniques or digitally. Art-Deco style florals and bold geometric prints come into perfect harmony with our solid colour dresses lending a quiet air of romance to the collection.

Loose yourself in the rhythm of summer…

AW19 – Nocturnal Glow

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. The fear of the unknown always held me back.

On a Friday night, seating in the passenger’s seat and looking at the dark sky and the shinning stars I begun to wonder what some of my favourite places looked like in the dark. Having recently moved from London back home to Cyprus, my thought soon drifted away to Hyde Park, St. Paul’s cathedral and Royal Opera House – all places that I visited often during the day but never dared to explore at night.

And that’s how the inspiration behind this AW19 collection was born. Faded sky colours, mysterious nocturnal shines and velvet-styled interiors are translated into a dusk-inspired colour palette, polka dot tulles in earthy tones, sequins and textured velvets.

This collection appeals to the woman who wants to dress to impress without trying too hard, letting the fabrics, colours and silhouettes embrace her femininity. With a range including mini party dresses, midi lace dresses and maxi sequin gowns this collection has something for everyone, whether attending a dinner part with friends or a New Years Eve party.

Let that Nocturnal glow shine through

Mystic flowers & Sequin shines

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

Beginnings are always hard. Whoever said they aren’t has lied – 100%. Beginnings are also scary and overwhelming. Your everyday routine, your whole life, suddenly turns upside down. Everything changes.  

How it all actually started

I am no stranger to change. I’ve embraced change throughout my life, my career to be exact. You may have read or heard this about me, but I’ve started my career as I Scientist, completing an Undergrad in Biomedical Sciences and a Master’s at the University of Oxford in Clinical Embryology. As cliché as this next sentence might sound, it is nothing but the truth. Fashion was (and thankfully still is) my passion.

I am not one of the girls that grew up reading Vogue magazine and playing dress up in their mother’s clothes. I am not one of the young girls who collaged images and fabric swatches in their art class in elementary school. My genuine interest in the fashion industry started when I was 18 years old. Not quite sure when the exact moment was, but it was a turning point. I started watching all the latest shows on Fashion TV, looking all the images on and buying and reading books on all the main designers. I slowly and shyly took it one step further by completing short courses on drawing, pattern cutting and sewing; and interning at Harper’s Bazaar UK whilst I was studying in London.

Decision time – part 1

After completing my Master’s degree, I had to make a decision: take the easier route and continue onto my science path or take a leap of faith and try and pursue my dream. My acceptance in Parsons in New York was the true beginning of this brand. And as I said, it was scary. In two years I tried to learn as much as I could around the field of fashion design, not only through my course but through my internships at Prabal Gurung and Rag&Bone. Completing that two-course degree was extremely hard, but having my final collection chosen to show at the end of the year was very rewarding and probably the first (even thought small) proof that this dream could one day become something.

New York, May 2015

Career milestones

In the summer of 2015 I moved to London and a few weeks later I got a design internship at Erdem. A year later I was taken on as a Design Assistant, focusing on embroidery design. Working in such a prestigious company and working alongside an extremely talented group of people was amazing.

A while later, an opportunity arose for a Junior Designer at Mary Katrantzou. Working for Mary had been my dream since Day 1. I absolutely adore print and colour and there is no doubt that no one can do that better than Mary. When I applied for the job I honestly never thought I would make it. But I did! That job, was without a doubt the most important chapter in my career. I learned so much with working so closely with Mary – just by watching her and following the way she thinks about colour and print and the relation of that to the female body is incomparable. That job also allowed me to meet some truly inspiring people, or should I say friends, that I know will be part of my life forever.

One would then wonder: if that was your dream job then why did you leave? Very valid question – I’ll give you that. Almost two years later I felt like I had grown tremendously and learned so much, but I needed a new challenge something completely new. That’s what led me to Ted Baker, where I worked for a year as a Senior Designer in Womenswear focusing on occasion wear dresses, tailoring and outerwear.

Working at Ted Baker was a completely different, yet equally exciting and rewarding experience. Being part of such a big company and big team comes with huge responsibilities but equally big emotional reward. I got to meet extremely important people in the field, got to travel all around the world and got to see loads of people in the street wearing my designs (I have to admit, that feeling is priceless).

Decision time – part 2

In February 2019, faith – and my husband – brought me back home. Yet again, I was faced with a decision. Try and find a design job in Cyprus or take an even bigger leap of faith and do this. You might have figured it out by now; I’m not a person that plays it safe, not in my career anyway.

The true beginning of this wonderful chapter

CHÁRIS was born in April 2019, in an attempt to bring to the industry a different type of womenswear and occasion wear pieces made with unique, colourful prints, delicate laces and bold colours in luxurious fabrics. Design detail and quality are key for the brand. The first collection, Spring/Summer 2019, is a mixture of everything I love and everything I want this brand to represent: class, elegance, femininity and sexiness. Bold prints and colours, laces and a touch of evening wear are all big parts of this collection.

Although still a baby, my baby, the plans for the future are huge and endless. As one friend of mine once told me: “The world is your oyster!